Thomas Klaber - TANZ (Beyern 1978-1980)

  • ex pose, 2014
  • stiff card cover

Festivity, Village Festival or Shindig - the black & white pictures contained in this modest photobook, could have taken place in the 1970s in a small village in Ireland, Belgium or the Ruhr. In fact, the scene is Beyern in the GDR between 1978 -1980. Not unlike Anders Petersens Cafeacute; Lehmitz, but with a much softer tone, and without the the feeling that we're n a room surrounded by people at the edge of society with it's lurid intensity. This is more working mans club, booze music girls and dancing! But this quiet humorous book wants us to keep looking, to see the world as it was. The 20th century was a long time ago after all!

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