Wiebke Loeper - Moll 31

  • Hardcover, First Edition
  • Heckenhauer, 2005

Moll 31 Wiebke Loeper uses photographs taken by her father to document her childhood and compares them with her own photos of the house and the flat of her youth, taken just before this family dwelling was torn down. She confronts this documentation of her childhood from the 70s and 80s with her own, contemporary view of the same place, a emptied-out flat, just before the high-rise which had been home to the Loeper family for many years was torn down. In this way she creates a symbolic image for the structural changes in German society in general and one individual in particular over the course of two decades. To achieve this, on a journey through time back to East Berlin's socialist past, Wiebke Loeper takes us to an unusual housing project. There the inhabitants were meant to become 'subjects of creative design'. The flats had moveable walls, to let them be arranged according to their inhabitants' own needs. Matthias Harder, International Contemporary Photography Exhibition, 10/2005

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