Wilhelm Schürmann - das notig

  • New, first edition
  • Hardback, 120 pp with black and white plates
  • Published by Editions Travers Neuchâtel, 1990

In das nötig, Schürmann exposes urban motifs in photos that show Cologne, Düsseldorf and other places in the Rhineland as well as artists that were en vogue at the time, like Kippenberger or Cindy Sherman. Combining documentary photography with entertainment makes his work stand out as uniquely today as it did in 1990 when this now extremely rare title was published.

Wilhelm Schürmann was one of the most influential pioneers of photography in Western Germany in the 1970s and 80s. After exhibitions in Hannover and Bonn, Klaus Honnef called him one of the most important photographers in Germany at that time, naming his style a 'kind of road-photography'.

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