Peter Mitchell Posters

  • A2 poster
  • Image size 36x36cm with white border
  • Heaven 42 Soft Matt Paper, 200gsm

A selection of Peter Mitchell's most inconic photographs, some of which had been sat unseen for over 30 years, are now available as A2 poster prints, printed on 200gsm paper.

These photographs can be seen in his publications, Early Sunday Morning, Memento Mori and Strangely Familiar. Hundred-year-old terraces and cobbled streets sit flanked by concrete flats, with newly cleared ground to either side are presented with Mitchell’s, typical graphic framing.

"It is as if Peter Mitchell has taken the atmosphere and mood of Edward Hopper’s famous painting and established it as a matter of documentary fact in the north of England at a moment when collapse can lead to further desolation or possible renewal. So these beautiful pictures are drily drenched in history – social, economic and photographic.” - Geoff Dyer

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