Sebastián Bruno - The Dynamic

  • ICVL Studio, April 2023
  • Softcover, 128 Pages
  • Designed and edited by Alejandro Acin & Sebastián Bruno
  • Signed Copies
  • Shipping from 24th April

The Dynamic is the story of Wales’ most distinctive local newspaper, its editors Tony Flatman and Julian Meek, and the community they represent as told by the paper’s former staff photographer, Sebastian Bruno.

The short but intense life of the newspaper coincided with some of the most tumultuous years in contemporary British history, marked by the coming of fake news, austerity policies and Brexit. Through photographs, texts and articles, readers will be encouraged to immerse themselves in Tony and Julian’s universe.

This book is published to coincide with the opening of the solo exhibition at the Martin Parr Foundation 20 April to 02 July 2023. More info

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